OneSignal's state of customer messaging report [eBook]

White paper

In this day and age, multi-channel communication strategies are table stakes. However, with users expecting hyper-relevant, hyper-personalized, and timely comms across every touchpoint, nailing a multi-channel approach is easier said than done…

…Which is why OneSignal surveyed 500 PMMs, engineers, and C-suite execs from start-ups to enterprise orgs, and aggregated stats from 10 billion messages, to help you evolve your communication strategy.

Here’s some teasers to get you started:

→ Notifications that use personalized content have a 259% higher engagement rate.

→ Mobile push notifications are rated the most effective re-engagement channel for 44.1% of respondents.

→ Messages that use segments have 83% higher rates of engagement than those that don’t.

→ Notifications using localization have a 28% higher engagement rate.

Grab your copy of the report to unlock a whole load more stats like these…

…And by the time you’ve read through every page, you’ll be able to answer key questions like:

🏆 How do successful brands grow and define success?

📈 What messaging trends will become the new status quo for customer engagement in 2023?

💰What are the most meaningful areas you can invest in to increase your messaging engagement?