Curious what product marketing leaders around the world are saying about best practices for product marketing team structures?

Join Div Manickam, Director of Product Marketing at SpotMe, as she explores the intricacies of product marketing team structures in her brand-new podcast series, To Team or Not to Team.

In this article, she gives an insight into what you can expect during the series, as she explores:

Tune in and join a whole host of product marketing experts, including:

When I ventured into leading teams, I never imagined I would sign up to host a PMA mini-podcast series on product marketing team structures. Yet, here we are: with 6 amazing product marketing leaders who inspired me to bring the best in our teams every day.

I am super excited to have had the opportunity to connect with product marketing leaders from the United States to Australia and am always open to bringing diverse perspectives across in our podcast: To Team or not to Team.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the speakers for your time and commitment to make this a reality. And I have a huge appreciation for all podcast creators out there. Scheduling and finding time with speakers is my biggest lesson learned! 😊

So, what can you expect when you tune in?

I'll be covering the following types of team structures and will share a few examples and perspectives from our experts.

Team structures differ in each company, and I'll be chatting with my guests to establish what makes the best teams grow and scale with business needs.

PMM Team Structures

1) Product marketing team by product line/platform

  • Product Marketing (PMM) : Product Manager (PM) mapping

2) Product marketing team by segment

  • B2B — Commercial / Mid-market / SMB / Enterprise
  • B2C — Consumer | Enterprise

3) Product marketing team by function

  • Messaging and positioning
  • Buyer persona/ buyer journey
  • Product and solution launch
  • Market and competitive intelligence

4. Product marketing team by solution/horizontal

5. Product Marketing Team by industry/vertical

6. Product Marketing Team by buyer journey

Discover > Learn > Try > Buy > Advocate

PMA mini-podcast series: To Team or Not to Team
PMA mini podcast series — To Team or not to Team

During the series, we'll be focusing on key discussion points, including:

  • What makes a good team structure in Product Marketing?
  • How do you compliment the skill sets and talent across your team?
  • Do you think values and beliefs are key for building a high purpose product marketing team?
  • Stories of how team structure was done right or an example of team structure that went wrong/sideways.
  • Tips/guidance to help new product marketing leaders who are building their first team.

PMM Leadership: Perspectives from around the world

In the series, product marketers from around the world provide invaluable perspectives gained during their careers at leading companies.

Here are some snapshots:

Ep 1: April Rassa, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Content, and Communications at HackerOne

“Don’t leave things up for interpretation. It takes work to be a good, effective leader. Build the foundation and processes, they don’t just happen.”

In our first episode, April Rassa shares her career success and how she looks at team growth with simple and proven advice to lead by example and show what great looks like with examples, and templates.

Ep 2: Karim Zuhri, Chief Operating Officer at Cascade

Karim Zuhri, Chief Operating Officer at Cascade shares the 3 key things he looks for in a product marketer: Strategy, data analytics, and storytelling skills.

When establishing a good team structure, Karim has been laser-focused on the following areas — inbound, outbound, business planning & strategy.

Ep 3: Sophie Cheng, Senior Director of Customer and Product Marketing at, ZoomInfo

Sophie Cheng shares what team restructuring looks like with a unique approach where PMMs are focused on individual solutions and woven into broader groups such as personas, competitive intelligence, etc.

Ep 4: Charlotte Norman, Head of Product Marketing at Canva

Charlotte is a true product marketer at heart and her leadership advocacy is evident through her mindset. She is keen to build customer-centric product & marketing experiences.

During our talk, she shares how to work with other teams, how to set objectives, and the value product marketing brings to a business.

Product Marketing Team: Charlotte Norman

Ep 5: Sara Rosso, Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot

Sara Rosso has been a remote leader throughout her career and shares best practices on team collaboration across locations and time zones here.

My favorite is #2: Enable Rich Asynchronous Discussion

Ep 6: Lori Stout, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Punchh

“Don’t burnout superstars or enable poor behaviors from team members that are capable of much more.”

Lori Stout shares how product marketing leaders need to create an equitable distribution of work across the team.

I hope you learn a thing or two from our PMA mini-podcast series and if you know a product marketing leader who should join this discussion, you can reach out to me on LinkedIn.

We would love to hear your experiences and help our fellow PMM leaders in their journey to build the product marketing teams of tomorrow.

Tune in now