Whether it’s an in-depth how-to guide for customers, a review pulled in from Facebook or a simple one-pager for your sales teams, content is everywhere and with such large volume and demand, comes the need for structure around storage, creation and a strategy for sending.

The choice can be overwhelming, we know, which is why we've curated 10 of the best content opps and marketing tools to guide you through the process of finding the perfect tool for the job.

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Focused on measurement and deep linking, Branch is all about mobile growth. With link matching guarantees it ensures your links work across every platform and channel and your users experience a flawless journey - even after they leave to install your app. On top of that, it joins the dots between cross-channel and platform journeys so you can trace a customer’s steps with confidence, optimise campaigns and maximise revenue.

Website: branch.io



Bynder resonates with the struggles PMMs face in terms of bringing more products out at pace, while maintaining content consistency. It bridges the gap by replacing messy folders, misused assets and multiple locations with a single source for everyone. On top of that, it enhances team workflows, promotes collaboration, enables smart permissions (so you can control who sees what), comes with brand templates, unlocks the data behind your content and integrates with lots of leading apps.

Website: bynder.com

Cost: not available online


Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS’s in the world - and with good reason. It comes with tonnes of themes, SEO tools built-in, intuitive navigation, in-depth stats, social sharing, mobile-friendly and responsive designs, and more.

Website: wordpress.com



Sprinklr pulls in what customers are saying on social media platforms, messaging channels, blogs, forums, news and review sites, and then converts all that unstructured intel into actionable insights (using AI) so you can deliver personalised marketing, proactive care and amazing experiences.

Website: sprinklr.com

Cost: not available online

“Our entire marketing team shares a calendar within Sprinklr that has campaigns, tasks, creative content and action items all in one place. For example, the product marketing team will create a campaign in Sprinklr for our fall product launch. This campaign will then be filled with tasks that relate to ensure the fall product launch is a success. Automated workflows kick off new tasks so that everyone stays on top of deadlines. So, once a blog for the product launch is written and uploaded to Sprinklr, a task will automatically be created for the web team to publish this blog.”

Rachel Alvarez, Associate Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Sprinklr


Uberflip uses personalised content to speed up buyer journeys by aggregating all your content (videos, social posts, blogs, the lot) into one central hub. It provides the tools needed to deliver personalised content experiences at scale, sending prospects to purpose-built end destinations, distributing content across multiple platforms, and more.

Website: uberflip.com

Cost: not available online


Prismic puts you in control of your content by letting you choose the technology, framework and language to manage it. In five steps, it goes something a bit like this:

1. Model the editor experience to suit your needs

2. Hand the layout over to your content team to fill in

3. Pick a framework (i.e. Gatsby, React, Next, Vue)

4. Query content and drop it into your components

5. Choose where to host the website.

Website:  prismic.io



With a mission to make content marketing easier and better, with Percolate, you can build integrated marketing plans, coordinate deliverables against milestones, track each activity’s status, mandate the content creation process with consistent stages (like draft, in review and complete), and see how your efforts have impacted the wider business.

Website: percolate.com

Cost: not available online


Kapost is all about leveraging your content - from planning and producing to distribution and analysis. Whether it’s a sales presentation or a social post, it provides a central location to store and organise your content, puts it in front of customer-facing teams in a way that gets your words noticed, and feeds you with metrics to shape future campaigns and report on content usage.

Website: kapost.com

Cost: not available online

“As a product marketer, the last thing I want to do is spend a lot of my time managing content updates and maintaining version control and Kapost has helped our company streamline the content management process. When a content request is opened, I can see all cross functional task due dates and can quickly respond to questions using the Kapost interface. We also use Kapost to manage our company wide assets so that they are quickly at everyone’s disposal which makes for easier collaboration and version control.” -  Gianna Davis, Product Marketing Manager at Equinix


GatherContent puts you in control of the content process by letting you build templates to fit the format, length and style you need so contributors (copywriters, designers, or otherwise) have a structure to follow. Everything can then be written, reviewed and discussed in the same place and you’ll receive progress notifications so you’re always in the loop.

Website: gathercontent.com



The name’s a bit of a giveaway, but DocSend’s all about sending documents - with a difference. You send everything (up to 250MB) via links, have the ability to switch off access at any time, receive realtime feedback, and are given the option to protect your doc with email or passcode verification.

Website: docsend.com


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