Week 4: Go-to-Market + segmentation

Two key go-to-market questions for many B2B sales and marketing leaders are:

1. Is their company targeting the right market segments?
2. How well prepared they are to execute their strategy?

A strong go-to-market strategy is strongly correlated to revenue performance. As per a recent B2B marketing survey of 500 companies, those who exceeded their revenue targets last year are 5.3x more likely to have an advanced go-to-market strategy where their total addressable market is well defined, sales and marketing teams are well aligned, and the company leverages programs like account-based marketing (ABM) that are targeted and highly orchestrated.

Product marketers are often the drivers for their company’s GTM strategies, starting with how the company defines its customers and market segments. But designing and implementing a successful plan is not trivial. Typically data silos and manual processes get in the way of success. Measuring actual performance against the company’s plan is also difficult. So, many companies miss opportunities to drive revenue and growth.

In this presentation, Joe Andrews, former VP of Product and Solution Marketing at InsideView, dives into the challenges that B2B companies typically face and how product marketers can be the catalyst for improving both their company’s targeting strategy and its execution with strong alignment across revenue teams.