Your Exec Membership dashboard

Take a peek inside the PMA Exec Membership dashboard to see what we have in store for you.

At a glance, you might think it looks similar to your Pro membership dashboard but if you take a closer look you can see all the extras:

👉 Leadership community: join a private community, exclusively for members, to discuss high-level topics without prying eyes.

👉 Master bundles: presentations, guides, and templates around core topics, like strategies, metrics, and more.

👉 Executive coaching: the opportunity for 1:1 coaching sessions with professional coaches + C-suiters. Get answers to your questions, concerns, and/or roadblocks.

👉 PMM crash courses: your in-depth, refresher guides on everything from research and OKRs to personas and sales enablement.

👉 Strategic templates: a bank of frameworks on everything from VIRO analysis to change management, to support your strategic initiatives.

👉 Recruitment hub: support and streamline recruitment with sample interview questions, interview tasks, job descriptions, templates, and presentations.

👉 Hiring board: recruit top-tier talent with exclusive access to our PMMC certifies scholar program graduates.

Become an Exec

Executive membership | Product Marketing Alliance
Unlock full access to Product Marketing Alliance executive plan and see the entire library of leadership content.