2021 Competitive Intelligence Trends Report

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The time has come...we’ve surveyed 100s of product marketers from all over the world to bring you the 2021 Competitive Intelligence Trends Report.

Brought to you in partnership with Klue, our latest report will help you:

✅ Understand the ins and outs of competitive intelligence
✅ Understand best practices for sharing intel with colleagues and teams
✅ Identify who is being entrusted with completing competitive intelligence
✅ Discover a bunch of actionable competitive intelligence tips from industry experts

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We’ve provided answers to burning questions, including:

🤔 Why do product marketers conduct competitive research?
❓ Who is responsible for competitive intelligence?
🤷‍♂️ How is CI being executed by companies?
⏰ How often are competitors being monitored?
👀 Are direct and indirect competitors the main area of focus?
💰 How much budget is allocated to CI?
🤝 Are teams collaborating and sharing intel?

Plus much more…

While we can’t tell you every juicy piece of info we discovered, here are a trio of key takeaways, to whet your appetite:

😏 Most respondents (78.6%) said PMM teams are responsible for CI at their company.
👀 There’s a greater emphasis on indirect competitors; 36.5% said they monitor 10 indirect competitors, while 17.6% said they monitor 10 direct competitors.
💰 Over half of the respondents (62.3%) said their company invests in competitive intelligence.

Plus, with a whole bunch of stellar tips from seasoned professionals thrown into the mix, why wouldn’t you wanna download a copy?

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