Stephanie Menz, Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at Toast, made this presentation at the Customer Marketing Summit in September 2021. Watch presentations OnDemand now.

My name's Stephanie Menz and I'm on the customer marketing team at Toast.

In this article, I'll be talking about using A/B testing to help define your target audience, focusing specifically on:


Toast provides a powerful online platform that's built for restaurants by restaurateurs. It's better for restaurant owners, their guests, and their staff.

We help restaurants work more efficiently, manage a productive team, grow their business online, attract and retain guests, and more.

Customer marketing upsell

Different upsells serve different purposes and different ways to sell these solutions into your customer base:

For example, I've laid out:

  • New product launch
  • Product-led growth as a channel, which makes finding add on products discoverable within your business's product
  • Customer success, which is a channel that can be used for upsells that you may need to support as a customer marketer

And so much more...

Here, I'm going to dive into a use case around a new product launch that applies to all customers and discuss how I use A/B testing to help define that target audience.

This is going to be focused on the process of getting from "Okay, we're launching a new product" to "How can we refine our target audience to increase funnel acceleration and ultimately conversion?"

Our main goal is to generate higher quality leads from our customer base that’ll have higher conversion throughout our upsell funnel. But to get started, we first need to define that upsell funnel.

What does an upsell funnel look like?


At the top of your funnel, you have your total addressable market, which is your customer base that is fit for the product.


You have your hand-raisers which could be customers that show they are interested in the product.

Demo held

Maybe the next stage is a demo. Maybe customers need a demo with their customer success manager or a sales rep before purchasing.


Maybe they don't and they go straight from hand-raisers to the opportunity to win. It may look different depending on your organization.