Competitive Intelligence Trends Report 2022

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Explore the competitive landscape, assess your current processes, and unlock insights that’ll help you understand your market rivals in greater detail, with the brand-new Competitive Intelligence Trends Report 2022.

Sponsored by Klue and Kompyte, this report explores how product marketers contribute to the CI process, and how the role supports the PMM function.

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We’ve focused on an array of topics…

Download your copy and access invaluable insights that’ll enhance your competitive intelligence programs, as we address key areas, including:

👀 Which teams own competitive intelligence
🪜 How the process is carried out
💰 Competitive intelligence budgets
🤝 In-house collaboration
🧗 Competitive intelligence challenges
💡 Tips and tools

A snapshot of what to expect

🛠 76.5% of product marketers are using dedicated competitive intelligence tools.
🤑 61.8% of product marketers have a competitive intelligence budget in place at their company.
👏 69.1% of respondents said product marketing owns competitive intelligence.
📆 Product marketers make competitive intelligence checks part of their daily routine.

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