When looking for new growth avenues, insights can only come from researching the market or competition.

The online space opens up access to an array of data that is instrumental to accelerating growth for any digital business.

Yet data (and insights) is where the challenge lies.

This ebook provides actionable and hands-on guidance into the world of market analysis and competitive research, showing you how to:

  • Run quick market analysis;
  • Discover in-depth audience insights;
  • Unwrap competitors’ digital success strategies;
  • Find gaps and opportunities for getting a competitive edge within the market;

And way more.

Take a deep dive into this guide built for product marketing practitioners looking for the next big insight to turn their brand into a game-changer.

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Whether you’re a startup battling incumbents or an established company that needs to remain a leader, knowing how to work with analysts will make product marketing that much easier.

Led by expert and Product Marketing Leader at Atlassian, Daniel Kuperman, the Analyst Relations Certified: Masters course is filled to the brim with awesome insights, informative and handy coursework tasks, and actionable steps you can take to completely revolutionize how you approach your relationships with your analyst team to give you that advantage.

This course will help you to confidently:

👊 Understand the different approaches to analyst relations based on your company's stage and team size.

🔥 Create a comprehensive plan of attack to engage with the right analyst firms.

🚀 Leverage best practices to succeed at analyst briefings and inquiries.

🤑 Ensure your company is well represented in analyst reports and communications.

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