PMA Developer Marketing Ambassadors

Developer marketing

We’re the world’s biggest community of product marketers with one mission... to support, share with and learn from even more product marketers. To do that, we need you.

Shaping the next evolution of Product Marketing Alliance

Despite product marketing still being a relatively new role, there are a number of specialisms emerging within this function. PMA Developer Marketing Ambassadors will be instrumental in helping us raise awareness to:

1. Welcome more developer marketing enthusiasts into our community. If you’re an Ambassador you’ll have seen the benefits first-hand and we don’t want to deprive others of that, right?

2. Define the role and bring the next generation into it. The more people that know about developer marketing the more prominent it will become. That means more talent, more recognition, and more influence.

3. Get developer marketing a seat at the table. You could say it’s only a matter of time until developer and product marketers are understood by every member of the C-suite. We want to make that time now.

Learn more about our PMA ambassadors here.

The characteristics of a PMA Developer Marketing Ambassador.

It’s an outrageously overused word, we know, but we want people who’re genuinely excited by and committed to developer & product marketing - because we are, and our ambassadors need to reflect our values.

Don’t worry, we’re not asking for blood, sweat and tears. Core to being a PMA Developer Marketing Ambassador is helping spread the word, so we’re after people who already are, or pledge to be, part of the conversation.

Real change takes time and we want people to join us for the whole journey, not just one stop. Being an Ambassador won’t consume your time, all we ask for is a lasting relationship - AKA please don’t ghost us.

It’s not just all take...

We give a lot back too. Here are just some of the benefits of being a PMA Developer Marketing Ambassador:

📚 Early and exclusive access to new products and reports
🤑 Free access to our membership plan and one event a year
📢 Reciprocal promotion on our site and social channels
👋🏻 Welcome pack stuffed with goodies when you come on board
🔶 Actual input into shaping the future of PMA & specifically our developer marketing output

What we ask for in return.

1️⃣ You help us shout about our work on social media

2️⃣ You contribute at least twice a year - whether that be with an article, in a podcast, a webinar or event, or hosting an AMA

3️⃣ You help us out now and then with new releases

And that’s it. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, huh?

Become a PMA Developer Ambassador.

If we’ve grabbed your interest with both hands and you’re ready to take the next step: