Follow the Leader: An Intro to Product Marketing Leadership

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find professionals more ambitious than product marketers.

After all, the State of Product Marketing Report 2022 revealed that 63.8% of product marketers want to take the next step in their respective careers - with many setting their sights firmly on leadership roles.

Follow the Leader: An Intro to Product Marketing Leadership is your passport to the essentials of product marketing leadership.

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✔️ What leadership is.
✔️ How to build a product marketing team
✔️ Implanting strategy in your team.
✔️ Making leadership decisions.
✔️ Picking the perfect pricing strategy.
✔️ Tying product marketing to revenue.
✔️ The challenges of prioritizing goals as a leader.
✔️ Owning your professional development.

Whether you’re a product marketer with grand ambitions of entering a leadership role, or an existing leader keen to refine your practice, this eBook addresses areas you need to master to excel to inspire your team.

“A leader has to be able to take a step back and worry about the business. Put yourself in the shoes of the CMO or the CEO, and develop your broader peripheral vision.
“How're you steering the ship and using your resources so that the business is going in the right direction, and you're getting buy-in?”

- Ken Oestreich, Product Marketing Leader, and team builder

It’s time to steer the ship at your company…