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How to build a market analysis that provides immediate value [OnDemand]

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Doing a consistent market analysis is pivotal to discovering, capturing, and growing market share.

However, it can be time consuming, and is often centered around long-term return.

Accelerate your GTM with actionable market signals and immediate feedback on performance to outperform competitors, and surpass your targets.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Catapult your company's GTM, product, and thought leadership by anticipating market trends
  • Help your sales team win their next deal
  • Ensure your upcoming product launch stands out in the market
  • Discover real-world examples of how F1000 companies use market analysis to launch new products, increase market share, and improve sales.


Erin Pearson, Director of Go-to-Market at Evalueserve
As Director of Go-to-Market for Evalueserve's Competitive and Market Intelligence platform, Insightsfirst, Erin Pearson is responsible for both the strategic and tactical sides of entering a new market, understanding competition, and growing demand.

She works with cross-functional teams across sales, marketing, customer success, and product. Prior to Evalueserve, she has worked in sales to break into new markets and led customer success teams helping build adoption in a new category.

This webinar is hosted by Evalueserve, who has 20+ years of experience with market and competitive intelligence for the F1000 and top global consulting firms.

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Evalueserve is a leading analytics partner that helps clients increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their core processes by applying a unique mind+machine™ methodology.

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How to build a market analysis that provides immediate value [OnDemand]