At the time of this presentation for the Masters of Product Marketing in October 2021, Missy Martin and Jason Monahan were working at Vancery as Account Manager and Sales Executive respectively. Catch up on the presentations from this event using our OnDemand service.

My name is Missy Martin and I'm here with Jason Monahan. We're so excited to dive deeper into this topic today. In this article, we want to share some tools that will make the research process easier and more effective so that you can save time in your role.

First, let’s break down the main topics:

Main talking points

Let’s start with a survey

In preparation for this article, we connected with product marketers on Vancery’s platform.

We sent out a survey to many different people across all different industries. We're unable to go into the solutions without first highlighting what the challenges are. So, let’s go straight to the source, and find out which problems product marketers highlighted.

Research is a great way to understand your consumer.

Things that take up marketers' time & solutions

We asked them to highlight the problems they were facing. One of the questions that we asked was, what's the most time-consuming portion of your job? The main pain points were:  

  • Research - there’s a lot of it to be done, and it takes up a good chunk of our time.
  • Managing communication - just because you know where you’re headed, doesn’t mean your whole team is in alignment.
  • Sharing information from the research process effectively - this is where you ensure that alignment takes place.

100% of the product marketers that we talked to were doing some form of research each month, and 40% were doing some more research three or more times a month. I think the main takeaway here is that research is an integral part of the product marketing role.

Problem: As a result, many of you are using a lot of different tools. This can be a real headache.