Interview questions by topic

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In this part of the recruitment hub, you'll find a bunch of questions directly related to specific - and essential - areas of the product marketing role. Depending on the nature of the role you're recruiting for, you may want to focus harder on some topics than others. Or, if you're looking for an all-rounder, you might want to select a couple of questions from each.

Don't forget, we have lots of questions segmented by seniority here, too.

Customer research interview questions
From customer acquisition to content, case studies to data, here’s a ton of customer research questions to understand a candidates’ customer research capabilities.
Competitive intelligence interview questions
‘Know thine enemy’. An important quote to remember when wading into the art of product marketing warfare. Understand a candidate’s CI knowhow with these questions.
Pricing interview questions
Want to get a feel for how much a candidate understands the importance of pricing and packaging? From increases to strategies, here’s a bunch of Qs to unearth just that.
Product marketing metrics interview questions
Without metrics, you won’t move forward. In this hub, you’ll find question inspo around everything from key business metrics, qualitative vs quantitative, and more.
Persona interview questions
Get a feel for prospective employees’ persona knowledge and experience with this bank of persona interview questions. From the how to the who, we’ve got it all.
Positioning & messaging interview questions
Tap into candidates’ positioning and messaging skills with these master lists of potential interview questions. All yours. All ready to be used.
Go-to-market interview questions
Getting a product to market is by no means an easy feat. Unpack a prospective employee’s Go-to-Market understanding, skills, and experience with these Qs.
Cross-functional interview questions
The ability to work cross-functionally is the cornerstone of any truly successful product marketer. Here are some questions to gauge your candidate’s skills.
Collaboration interview questions
It’s nigh on impossible to be successful in PMM without collaborating with many others within the organization. Here are some Qs to test candidates’ collaborative skills.
Sales enablement interview questions
Find out how skilled candidates are when it comes to enabling sales reps with this handy master list of sales enablement-related interview questions.
B2C interview questions
From value props to sales cycles, the customer themselves to the data, here’s a bank of interview questions for if you’re interviewing and operating in the B2C space.
B2B interview questions
From sales cycles to B2B relationships, messaging to positioning, here’s a bank of interview questions for if you’re interviewing and operating in the B2B space.