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"PMA offers community, mentorship, and opportunities." - Shortcaste

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Godspower Eseurhobo, Product Marketing Manager at Shortcaste Technologies, took part in the PMM Salary Survey 2019 when a member of the PMA team reached out via LinkedIn. Through one of their updates, Godspower learned about the PMA Scholar Program.

In this case study, he discusses:

  • Why he signed up
  • Why he picked us,
  • PMA's Scholar Programs main benefits, and
  • Key outcomes

Godspower’s motivation

Prior to completing Product Marketing Core through the scholarship program, Godspower worked with remote SaaS teams, finding this the best way to experience product marketing on a global scale. The pandemic proved that remote working culture was the future, this realization spurred Godspower to build the technical know-how to take any product to market from any corner of the globe.

“The lack of product marketing focus on the African tech space leads firms to launch solutions on assumption rather than from market insights which could have been gotten from employing the product marketing framework. Before I applied to this program I was looking for an advanced knowledge of product marketing that would not only enable me to execute but to pass down ideas and teachings without friction.

“I initially took a course on product marketing with the Product School, but there wasn't much focus on product marketing like there was for product management or design. Product Marketing Core was unique as it stood for Product Marketing and had a practical approach that involved solving real-world problems.”

What are the Scholar Programs’ main benefits?

Godspower was a fan of PMA’s unique delivery model. “Having valuable and great content is one thing, but the way this content is delivered is another. I think that PMMC is unique because of the team behind it and also the value it offers in terms of community, mentorship, events, and opportunities.

“Honestly, every part either gave new knowledge or gave more insights on existing ones. I personally got the most out of product positioning.”

Key outcomes

Being a part of the Scholar Program has been really beneficial to Godspower, helping him hone and develop communication skills, which have played a massive part in other departments buying into his ideas.  

“It has also increased my productivity as the knowledge derived from the program has been put into action with positive effects.

“Creating the right messaging for participants and asking the right questions has increased response rate without the need for incentives. Current market research to determine product-market fit for a new product has gotten loads of all kinds of responses, positives, and negatives that would help the team get more insight.

“Without the scholarship program I don’t think I’d feel the same sense of community in the product marketing industry, I wouldn’t feel as supported.

“PMA has led me to a team where I have the opportunity to work on another global product launch in North America from West Africa, Nigeria with one of the PMA Ambassadors as a colleague. We plan on creating another case study on the importance of product marketing on product success by leading a successful product launch.

Just starting out in the industry? Looking to get your foot in the door? Find out more about our scholarship program and learn everything you need to start a successful career in product marketing.

Written by:

Emma Bilardi

Emma Bilardi

Emma is a Manchester-based freelance writer. She's been writing for as long as she can remember, and in the last few years predominantly about product design.

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"PMA offers community, mentorship, and opportunities." - Shortcaste