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#PMMfest is coming to APAC

Our previous Product Marketing Festival went down so well we thought it would be rude not to offer the same first-class experience to our friends across the pacific.

So here it is; the world’s first and only online festival dedicated to product marketing in APAC.🎉

Takes place - July 29th -30th, 2020 ?

💪 25+ product marketing powerhouses.
🎓 10+ hours’ worth of action-led presentations.
🎬 Over 2 action-packed days.

Instant access

You don’t need to be in the same room, country, or even timezone to learn from some of the world’s leading product marketers.

Whether you’re in Singapore, China or Australasia, #PMMfest APAC lets you tap into the knowledge and insights gathered by product marketing leaders from some of the world’s biggest companies such as Salesforce, Facebook, Dropbox, TransferWise, and more.

Expert guidance

Want to know more about sales enablement? OKRs? Positioning? Competitive intel? #PMMfest APAC has it all. With 25+ experts spanning 11 prominent product marketing categories, you’re guaranteed to walk away with tons of new and proven tactics, strategies, and ideas to take your product to the next level.

Check out the categories >


Packed with action-led talks from leading PMMs from some of the world’s largest organizations, #PMMfest APAC is set to be choc-full of inspiration, arming you with the tools and mindset to transform your career path, company or product.

Check out the schedule >

Value for money

Whether you’re looking to attend #PMMfest APAC on your own or with your team, we’ve got a package to suit your needs.

With 25 shows for $69, that’s less than $3 a video, absolute bargain!

Access for life

Opt for any of our paid-for packages and you’ll have access to the content for life. Binge-watch all the speakers over two days or if you’re super busy, watch one a week, it’s completely up to you.

Fresh perspectives  

Whether you’re a one-man-product-marketing-band or surrounded by teammates, a fresh perspective can really help you see things in a different light and work wonders when it comes to finding solutions.

Instant answers

If you’re attending a live event, you can ask questions there and then, and get the answers you need to implement changes to your product, career, or company straight away.

Want to know more? Great! Head over to the festival page for more information.


Written by:

Emma Bilardi

Emma Bilardi

Emma is a Manchester-based freelance writer. She's been writing for as long as she can remember, and in the last few years predominantly about product design.

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#PMMfest is coming to APAC