Product-led marketing: The strategies you need to win in a product-first world [OnDemand]

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Gain the tools and strategies to lead with your products.

Software has eaten the world, resulting in tech-savvy buyers with super high expectations for digital experience.

Breaking through to this audience and helping them see the value of your products has never been harder - so how are the best companies able to do it?

Catch up with Pendo to discover how top companies lead with their products, deploying the top strategies and tools to deliver a new style of marketing that's product first.

Key takeaways:

  • Exploring the persona of today’s changing buyer and how it impacts you
  • The need for marketing to adapt in a product-first world
  • Examples of the hottest tools and strategies used by winning companies


Marcus Andrews is the Director of Product Marketing at Pendo, leading a team of marketers that position products, create go-to-market strategies, and launch products.

He is an active member of the larger product marketing community, a writer, speaker, co-creator, and former host of The Product Marketing Experts Podcast.