A little bit about Kelly

Kelly Anderson, Product Marketing Manager at Google, has carved out quite the niche for herself, not only as an incredibly skilled communicator and product marketer but also as a cloud security expert. That expertise has seen her make an impact at two behemoths of tech, first at Microsoft and now at Google.

In her role, Kelly is the product marketing steward for a suite of user and business protection services, including ​​reCAPTCHA Enterprise, Web Risk, Security Command Center, and Anomaly Detection, to name just a few.

Key talking points

  • How product marketers can balance the technical nature of solutions they're supporting against the need to make them approachable and digestible
  • How to deliver a compelling story that articulates your solution’s positioning and key messaging when your solution is inherently technical if not outright scientific in nature
  • How to demonstrate the value of security-based solutions in your company

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