Product Marketing Rewind | Vol. 1

Pricing | Go-to-Market

Hit the rewind button and relive some of our most content-rich, informative, action-led talks, handpicked and packaged in this handy eBook for your reading pleasure.  

Take it with you wherever you go, reference it at your leisure, read it cover to cover, just click the download link and you’ll find insights from expert PMMs on subjects as diverse as product launches, getting a seat at the pricing table, and aligning product marketing with the wider company.

It’s almost like you were there - and if you were, what a great opportunity to relive and re-learn from your favourite presentations, led by an impressive bunch of PMMs!

Who’s included?

  • Seiyonne Suriyakumar, Product Marketing Lead at Dropbox
  • Daniil Karp, Senior Enterprise PMM at Asana
  • Yoni Solomon, Director of Product Marketing at G2
  • Axel Kirstetter, VP Product Marketing, Content Marketing & Pricing at Datasite
  • Jeff Hardison, Vice President of Growth at Grain

A taste of what to expect:

  • Product launch and land: answering the what, why, when, and how
  • GTM strategy - from 0 to 60 in one quarter
  • The 5 key ‘personas’ behind an award-winning go-to-market team
  • How product marketers can get a seat at the pricing table
  • Aligning your product marketing with the rest of your company

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