Raman Sharma is the Vice President of Product Marketing at DigitalOcean. At the time of this presentation for the Masters of Product Marketing in October 2021, he was the Head of Product Marketing at the same company. Catch up on the presentations from this event using our OnDemand service.

In this article, we’re going to tackle an important question: should product marketers be master strategists, or should they be service providers, helping other teams achieve their goals?

The truth is, you can and should be both. We’re going to discuss the times when you should bring out your inner director and when you should bring out your inner assistant.

Main talking points

About me

My name is Raman Sharma, and I lead product marketing and developer engagement programs at DigitalOcean, a cloud services company.

I've spent close to two decades in the software industry. I moved from being a software engineer to a product manager. I’m now a product marketer almost entirely in the developer tools and cloud services base.

Non-negotiable elements of product marketing

Before we delve into the important question, I want to touch on the specific aspects of product marketing that are non-negotiable. These are the core values: the things that make you a product marketer in the first place. These things are true whether you find yourself in the lead or taking a backseat.