Putting A Tag On It: The Product Pricing Playbook

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Putting A Tag On It: The Product Pricing Playbook is more than just a tongue twister.

It’s a step-by-step guide designed to help you recognize the different pricing strategies you can use, choose the right pricing model for your product, and show you how to effectively implement and measure this for the maximum amount of sales and profit.

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A sneak peek at what to expect…

Putting A Tag On It: The Product Pricing Playbook has six steps to the perfect pricing strategy:

Step one: Discover whether you have a pricing problemStep two: Choose the right pricing strategy for your company and productStep three: Get alignment from your stakeholdersStep four: Implement your new pricing strategyStep five: Measure the performanceStep six: Continue to review, and implement amends post-price launch

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What’s in it for you?

As a product marketer, choosing and implementing a pricing strategy is likely unavoidable.

This playbook is a great starting point for understanding the steps you need to take to get your stakeholders on board, work well with your customers, and optimize your pricing strategy so that it benefits everyone involved.

Following a guide such as this is beneficial in ensuring you’re following a structured approach to the process, rather than missing important details that could effectively harm your strategy.

Hopefully soon, you’ll have a product pricing strategy that leads to happier customers, increased sales and profits, and a positive brand image.

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