Recruitment packs

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Looking to fill a vacancy on your team? From Associate all the way through to VP-level, these packs contain everything you need - from getting the word out to testing candidates's skills.

In each section, you'll find:

  • Sample interview questions,
  • Example interview tasks, and
  • Job description templates.
Associate Product Marketing Manager | Recruitment
Sample interviews, tasks, and job descriptions.
Product Marketing Manager | Recruitment
Looking to add a Product Marketing Manager to your team? Here are a bunch ofinterview questions, tasks, and job descriptions to help you fill the role -with confidence. Product Marketing Manager interview questionsLooking to add a seasoned ProductMarketing Manager to the books? Here are a handfu…
Senior Product Marketing Manager | Recruitment
Searching for your next (or first!) Senior Product Marketing Manager? Here’s a hub of interview questions, tasks, job descriptions to help you along the process.
Director of Product Marketing | Recruitment
Wondering what questions to ask, tasks to set, and job descriptions to craft, for your Director of Product Marketing vacancy? We’ve got you covered.
VP of Product Marketing | Recruitment
VPs of Product Marketing are crucial to not just the team’s - but company’s - success. This hub’s your helping hand throughout the all-important recruitment process.