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Product marketing is a highly collaborative role, but to enable effective collaboration, you need strong working relationships with key company departments. In this bundle, PMMs from orgs like Zendesk, Intercom, Oracle, and more share their tried and tested relationship management advice.

Relationship management guides

Mind the gap: bridging the divide between sales & marketing
My name’s Maggie McCann and I’m going to talk to you about the communication gap that we know exists between all marketing and sales, sometimes all marketing and everybody else, or all sales and everybody else.
Why product marketing must be at the center of the universe
Jeff Aboud, Dir. of Marketing at Tenable, highlights the importance of teamwork and collaboration. and how PMM is the organizational glue to achieve it.
Building a bridge between marketing and sales
There’s a challenging area between product marketing and sales enablement and in this article, I want to go through some processes aimed at bridging that gap.
Becoming a translator for the C-suite
In this article, I’ll talk about why communications are the link, the three key areas of focus when connecting to the C-suite, and show examples of how you can adapt and adjust to become a translator for the C-suite.