State of Product Marketing Leadership 2022 survey

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44.2% of PMMs surveyed for the Product Marketing Salary Survey 2021 expressed a desire to progress at their current company, with many setting their sights on a leadership role - but with a new year underway, what does life as a PMM leader look like? 🤔

Take our survey and shape the State of Product Marketing Leadership 2022, our upcoming exposé on the nuts and bolts of PMM leadership.

Not only will your invaluable insights help existing leaders refine their practice, and aspiring leaders reach the pinnacle of product marketing, but you'll gain access to transferable expertise sure to refine your own prowess - help us help you. 🙏

Our first report of the year will explore the intricacies of PMM leadership, focusing on key topics of discussion, such as:

✅️ Skills valued by leaders, to help you recruit elite talent for your respective team.
✅️ Micro and macro goals to focus on, to achieve short and long-term success.
✅️ Top tips from established leaders that'll enhance your credentials.
✅️ Roles and responsibilities affiliated with leadership positions.
✅ Best practices surrounding competitive intelligence, to help you differentiate your product in competitive markets.

And a whole lot more... 😏

So, if you're occupying a coveted PMM leadership position, complete the survey and help us write a stellar report to kick off 2022 in style.

Over to you...

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