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An enhanced report in 2023…

This year, the State of Product Marketing Leadership report is bigger and better than ever.


We’ve added three brand new sections to the report to gauge product marketing leaders’ perspectives on three overarching themes:

  • How happy they are within their role,
  • Their confidence as a product marketing leader, and
  • Their input on what it takes to be a great product marketing leader.

This’ll help you dive even further into your role, identify which goals you should be aiming for, and pinpoint how you can evolve as a product marketing leader.

A sneak peek of what you can expect

We've tapped into the minds of a bunch of leaders, geeked out on the numbers, and whipped up an epic report packed with an array of transferable takeaways, such as:

🔎 32.3% of respondents said they believe a different term should be used to describe the product marketing role, with 21.5% of this number deeming ‘portfolio marketing’ to be the most suitable.

📈 33.8% of our respondents said they’d like to become a VP of Product/Portfolio Marketing, 21.5% want to become a CMO, and 7.7% said they want to become a CEO/Founder of a company.

🤝 78.6% of our leaders reported to the marketing department and felt most supported by them.

💔 Conversely, those who reported directly to their Chief Marketing Officer had the highest percentage of the whole group (26.5%) saying they didn’t feel supported by their manager.

👀 18.5% of our respondents said they track their indirect competitors daily, and 10.8% said weekly.

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