State of Product Marketing Report 2023


The definitive annual report on the product marketing profession is back for a fifth year – and it's yours to dive into right now.

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Our annual State of Product Marketing report offers unrivaled insights into the world of product marketing. Based on responses from over 300 product marketing professionals, it's the essential guide to benchmarking your product marketing strategy and advancing your career in 2023.

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What can you expect?

A helluva lot of invaluable insights - that’s what. 😏

We’ve scoured the globe for perspectives from product marketers at varying career stages, to paint a vivid picture of what the PMM landscape looks like in 2023.

Brace yourself not only for an unrivalled perspective of the present, but also for comparisons to the past, and what the future holds for practitioners worldwide.

Our collection of qualitative and quantitative research covers a whole range of topics - feast your eyes on the topics you have to look forward to:

📅 How product marketing has changed since last year

🧱 Roles, responsibilities, and team infrastructure

📊 Product marketing KPIs

🧗 Product marketing highlights and challenges

🤖 The evolution of AI and its role in product marketing

💰  Product marketing budgets

🙏 The value of product marketing

✅ Essential product marketing skills

👨‍💼 Career aspirations of product marketers

🛠 Product marketing tools

💡 Tips and tricks of the trade

A humdinger of a write-up is right at your fingertips

Why this report’s essential for you

The State of Product Marketing Report 2023 is jam-packed with an array of transferable insights geared towards propelling your practice.

Unsure how your team should be structured? This report provides you with insights from all angles, from humble start-ups to large enterprises.

Desperate to dive on the AI bandwagon, but not sure where to start? Check out how AI’s being used by product marketers.

Unsure how to spend that all-important product marketing budget? Gain inspiration from product marketers who’ve also had to be shrewd with their PMM picket money.

This 138-page report is guaranteed to open your eyes and help you thrive and survive in the product marketing world.