State of Product Marketing 2024


In the relentless pursuit of product success, one discipline stands apart - product marketing. The State of Product Marketing 2024 report is your indispensable blueprint for ascending to the highest echelons of the industry. 

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Why download this report?

Through a blend of qualitative anecdotes and quantitative data, we're bringing you the voices of those who live and breathe product marketing. 

From the passionate Associate Product Marketing Managers eager to make their mark to the visionary VPs of Product Marketing who have weathered every storm, this exposé promises to be an eye-opening exploration of the diverse journeys within our industry.

The key findings alone are a masterclass in maximizing your impact

Team dynamics uncovered: 80% of PMMs operating in small teams of 1-5. With knowledge like this, you'll gain insights for punching above your weight through strategic prioritization and hyper-efficient collaboration.

Benchmark your growth: 20% of PMMs work at a 1:3 ratio with product management. Understand how to leverage this relationship for seamless cross-functional execution.

Perfect your core competencies: Product positioning and messaging reign as the top responsibility. Equip yourself with tactics to truly differentiate your offerings.

Align with industry norms: 88.1% of PMMs track role-specific KPIs. Discover the metrics that matter most and drive measurable results.

Maximize your resources: 35.6% lack a dedicated budget, but constraints breed creativity. Learn how to achieve more with less and make an airtight case for increased investment.

Earn your seat at the table: Only 66.3% feel leadership support. This report shows you how to solidify organizational buy-in and secure your rightful place as a strategic partner.

What else can you expect?

This isn't just another report – it's a globe-spanning expedition into the heart of product marketing. We've scoured the industry to unearth invaluable perspectives from PMMs at every career stage, meticulously assembling a vivid panorama of the current landscape.

But we didn't stop there. Brace yourself for an unrivaled glimpse into the past that illuminates product marketing's evolution, and a visionary exploration of where this dynamic field is headed.

Our exhaustive qualitative and quantitative research covers a comprehensive array of topics, providing you with a multi-dimensional understanding of product marketing:

📅 How has product marketing changed since 2023

⚒️ Roles, responsibilities, team infrastructure

🤝 Company focus and external collaboration

📈KPIs and budgeting

⭐Product marketing highlights and challenges

😍Product marketing skills, tools, and career aspirations

🧠 #1 product marketing top tips