Templates and frameworks FAQs


Q. Where can I find all of the templates & frameworks that are included in my membership?

A. You can access the templates and frameworks section from your dashboard.

Q: How should I use the templates & frameworks?

A. At the start of every project, head over to the template and framework section in your dashboard, and select the ones that you need for your project. Create a copy that you can edit and get started letting us take the hard work out of getting your project off the ground!

Q. How often do you add new templates to the membership plans? And how can I stay in the know?

A. A PMMs job is never done, so to make sure you can always stay on top, we add a minimum of 2 shiny new templates per month to your membership plan. Each time we do, you'll be notified by email (look out for your weekly digest on Mondays) and you'll also see a pop-up pointing you in the right direction when you log into your account again. It's worth keeping an eye on the membership plans update page too for the latest on all things membership.

Q. I’m digging all the templates! What should I do if there’s a template I want but can’t see in the plan?

A. We’re always looking for new ways to deliver awesome membership content. So, if there’s a particular resource you’d like to see, we’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen! If you’ve got a suggestion, just use our chat popup at the bottom right of your screen.

Q. I want to use one of the templates but it won’t let me edit it. What do I need to do?

A. The membership templates are available in a view-only format, but it’s super simple to get an editable version. Open the file to Google Sheets/Google Docs, and make a copy by pressing ‘File’ on the main toolbar and clicking ‘Make a Copy’.