Great news - the 2021 Competitive Intelligence Trends Report, our comprehensive exploration of key CI topics is available to download - right here, right now.

Sponsored by Klue, our latest report will help you:

✅ Understand the ins and outs of competitive intelligence
✅ Understand best practices for sharing intel with colleagues and teams
✅ Identify who is being entrusted with completing competitive intelligence
✅ Discover a bunch of actionable competitive intelligence tips from experts who’ve been there, done it, and are flexing the CI shirt

We’ve provided answers to burning questions, including:

🤔 Why do product marketers conduct competitive research?
❓ Who is responsible for competitive intelligence?
🤷‍♂️ How is CI being executed by companies?
⏰ How often are competitors being monitored?
👀 Are direct and indirect competitors the main area of focus?
💰 How much budget is allocated to CI?
🤝 Are teams collaborating and sharing intel?

Plus much, much more…

While we can’t tell you every juicy finding from the report, here’s a sneak peek into what we found, to whet your appetite.

Some key takeaways:

Product marketers are being more thorough with their CI

We wanted to find out how often PMMs are thoroughly monitoring their competitors, and we were encouraged to find most said they check in on their competitors weekly (32.9%); a slight increase from last year’s figure of 29.4%.

CI responsibilities mainly sit with PMMs

Most product marketers (78.6%) said PMM teams are primarily responsible for competitive intelligence at their company.

Indirect competitors are catching the eye…

Our research revealed teams are focusing more on indirect competitors than direct competitors. 36.5% said they monitor 10 indirect competitors, while 17.6% said they monitor 10 direct competitors.

Stakeholders are buying into CI programs

Over half of the respondents (62.3%) said their company invests in competitive intelligence.

The good news? There are many more awesome insights waiting for you:

  1. Download the report
  2. Enjoy a collection of indispensable information
  3. Enhance competitive intelligence at your organization

For now, check out one of the competitive intelligence tips included in the report, courtesy of Silvia Kiely-Frucci, Director of Product Marketing at Castor:

“If the market is overcrowded, align your main efforts to monitor your main competitors in the space you want to emerge and the one considered by your mid-market customers (80-20 rule) so you can see the emerging trends and ensure you’re not getting lost in the data noise.”
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