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The science behind gathering feedback from developers

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This article derives from a presentation from the Developer Marketing Summit, from July 2021. Watch this presentation, and others, via our OnDemand service.

My name's Anna Borbotko, and I'm the Product Marketing Manager at TomTom.

I'm going to share our Mission Possible: the science behind gathering feedback from developers, specifically on such products as APIs and SDKs.

Truly understanding developers have, for some reason, always been a challenge, especially for those who come from business backgrounds.

In this article, I’ll focus on:

Developers vs average humans

Here’s another question for you: How different is a developer from an average human being? Let’s look at some of their core traits, then you can decide.

Firstly, developers love simplicity. They deal with complex algorithms in their jobs, and they love solving problems, but in normal life, they want everything to be as simple as possible.

Now, if you look at the average human, our brains are wired for simplicity, as shown in research by Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow.

Another major characteristic of developers is having a sense of purpose and wanting to know that whatever they do has an impact. The topic of purposeful living took off about seven years ago and is still a hot topic for many of us, including developers.

Written by:

Anna Borbotko

Anna Borbotko

Anna Borbotko is the Product Marketing Lead at TomTom.

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The science behind gathering feedback from developers