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The State of Go-to-Market Report 2023 has arrived

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The State of Go-to-Market Report 2023 is finally here, and it’s jam-packed with unmissable intel.

Uncover key facts and findings to help you align stakeholders, overcome GTM challenges, and deliver elite product launches.

We’ve surveyed a wide range of Go-to-Market leaders and practitioners from every team that contributes to GTM. The result? A detailed picture that shows you how every cog in the Go-to-Market machine fits together.

Key takeaways from this report include:

  • Go-to-Market insights to help you improve your launch processes.
  • Actionable advice on how to better align stakeholders.
  • Recommended tools for better Go-to-Market.
  • A deeper understanding of how different GTM functions contribute to the overall success of your launches.

Plus much, much more…

It’s all about teamwork

We couldn’t have pulled off this report without our good friends over at Ignition, the GTM ops platform.

Their sponsorship allows us to keep delivering groundbreaking reports that help propel the Go-to-Market industry forward.

Here’s a quick word from Ignition Founder and CEO, Derek Osgood:

Quote from CEO and Founder of Ignition, Derek Osgood.

But wait, there’s more…

Participants from across the globe took part in this survey. Here’re just some of the companies that got involved.

Logo collage of contributors to the State of Go-to-Market Report 2023.

And if all that wasn’t enough, here are some highlights from this year’s report…

  • 37.2% of respondents described their company culture as product-first, while only 25.6% said sales-first.
  • Only 10.3% of respondents have a dedicated Go-to-Market director or manager.
  • The majority of respondents (79.6%) work with five or more stakeholders per launch.
  • The majority of respondents (79.5%) felt that launches have a notable or major impact on revenue.
  • 62.8% of respondents answered that measuring the impact of a launch is a challenge.

Ready for more?

Written by:

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence is our Copywriter here at PMA who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and enthralled. He's always open to feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you!

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The State of Go-to-Market Report 2023 has arrived