Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers Report 2022


We asked you, the product marketing public, to submit your votes for our annual Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers Report for 2022 - and you’ve responded in droves.

We’ve worked tirelessly to compile the final list, and now, the time’s arrived to reveal which product marketers have secured a coveted spot on our illustrious list…

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Get your copy, as we unveil the diverse range of product marketers who’ve cast ripples and influenced their peers, whilst also offering their key perspectives, including:

🔮 Predictions for 2023,
💡 Tips for effective customer-centric marketing,
🔥 What they think a great product marketer looks like,
🏅 Their best accomplishments since being a product marketer, and
🧠 Advice for aspiring influencers.

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