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Top 20 product marketing events to attend in 2021

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During the last 12 months, the global pandemic has hit us all hard. Now, with lockdown restrictions lifting, we’re thrilled to reach for our calendars and begin penciling in the product marketing events we’ve been missing.

From summits to festivals, we’ve mapped out the essential information you need to know about unmissable events taking place during every month of the year.

Get your diaries at the ready - here are the top 20 product marketing events to attend in 2021. 🎉


Future of Sales Festival

When: June 8th - 10th

Where: Online

Missing Coachella? No problem.

Join us for the festival that really matters, the 2021 Future of Sales Festival, and brace yourself for three days of unmissable expertise by 35+ speakers from internationally recognized companies such as IBM, Google, and LinkedIn - to name just a few of the stellar orgs in attendance.

And with sessions accessible to multiple time zones, you’ve no excuse to not join us as we help you reinvent sales and accelerate growth.

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Product Marketing Workshops & Roundtables

When: June 14th

Where: Online

You know it, we know it, we all know it - there’s no such thing as a flawless product marketer.

So, with this in mind, we’ve curated a series of workshops and roundtables - interactive, small-group sessions designed to upskill you. Fast. 💪

From pricing to competitive intelligence, our one-hour sessions are perfect for upskilling and helping you ramp up your product marketing credentials.

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PMA Member Council: Leadership

When: June 14th

Where: Online

Product marketing leaders play a critical role in the success of their respective teams - they need to be inspired.

Introducing: PMA Member Councils, our monthly roundtables for PMA members, an event reserved exclusively for PMA members.

Join us as we tackle our inaugural topic of discussion: PMM Leadership.

From product marketing strategy to organizational makeup, team management, & cross-functional leadership, we’ll be honing in on the essentials of what it means to be a great leader.

It’s time to refine your leadership - don’t miss it. 🙌

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Product Marketing Festival

When: June 15th - 17th

Where: Online

Love the thought of a festival - but not the mud that goes with it?

Ditch bad weather, uncomfortable tents, and overpriced drinks, and join us for the Product Marketing Festival, packed with awesome speakers, transferable content, and recruitment opportunities.

Join elite product marketers plying their trade at powerhouse organizations such as UberEats, Trustpilot, and IBM, as they share their wisdom on a range of key topics.

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Recruitment networking

When: June 18th

Where: Online

Whether you're a hiring manager looking for the very best talent, or a PMM looking for a new challenge, set time in your summer schedule for our upcoming recruitment networking session.

A selection of recruiters will give a quickfire pitch of their opportunity and company before recruiters and jobseekers are matched during our 1-2-1 speed networking sessions; candidates will be matched based on seniority requirements and job location.

One hour. Copious talent. Endless possibilities.

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PMA virtual course fair

When: June 18th

Where: Online

We’re dedicated to improving our PMA courses to help you fulfill your potential.

With our extensive collection of courses continuing to grow, we’d forgive you if you’ve lost track of what we have to offer.

Join us for an exclusive preview of our PMA Masters Certifications. Get to know the amazing instructors, the course, and the benefits of getting certified.

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Developer Marketing Summit

When: July 14th

Where: Online

Find your tribe this summer, as the developer marketing community meets for the first time at an event featuring 8+ hours of content and 20+ speakers specializing in developer marketing.

Join companies such as Tomtom, Wix, and RingCentral, for insights into core areas such as product adoption and brand awareness, KPIs and success metrics, personas, and a whole lot more.

Join the movement and elevate the role of developer marketing, while equipping yourself with actionable insights guaranteed to improve your practice.

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Product Marketing Festival APAC

When: August 17th - 19th

Where: Online

Join us for a celebration of product marketing knowledge, as we strive to unite APAC leaders and elevate product marketing - together. 🙌

Secure your place and gain access to real case studies from product marketing leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Get actionable advice to help you to drive demand, adoption, and overall success, and engage with speakers and attendees at live sessions.

With 25+ speakers from companies such as Facebook and Sage contributing to 20+ hours of invaluable content, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

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Product Marketing Summit, San Francisco

When: September 15th & 16th

Where: San Francisco

The Product Marketing Summit will assemble the largest gathering of PMMs from the world’s largest companies and most burgeoning startups in San Francisco to share product marketing success stories, experiences, and challenges.

We’ve flexed our product marketing muscle and assembled a roster of speakers fit for the most coveted stage, with Uber, Google, IBM, and Amazon, among those who’ll be sharing their knowledge during what promises to be an incredible couple of days.

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Product Marketing Summit, Seattle

When: October 6th & 7th

Where: Seattle

The fun doesn’t stop in San Francisco. 😏

We’ll be rubbing shoulders (or bumping elbows 👍) with product marketing experts from over 150 companies who’ll be joining us from around the world.

Wanna learn more about building your team? You got it. Not sure how to define your audience? Come on down and learn from the best. Check out the full itinerary and see what you’ve got to look forward to.

With the likes of Netflix, Mastercard, and Amazon in attendance, you’ll be in very good company.

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Product Marketing Summit, Vancouver

When: October 13th & 14th

Where: Vancouver

Next stop? Vancouver!

Join us for a series of interactive sessions, keynotes, and discussions as we support you through your business journey with the tactics, methods, and strategies you need to get inspired and make an impact.

And with esteemed companies such as Adobe, AWS, and LinkedIn due to attend, what better way to improve your credentials?

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Product Marketing Summit, Boston

When: October 20th & 21st

Where: Boston

We’ve lined up the ultimate treat to prepare you for the Halloween season. 🎃

An event featuring inspiring content created and delivered by pioneering product marketers from orgs such as Etsy, GoDaddy, and IBM, we’ve moved heaven and earth to bring you leading insights from leading practitioners.

No tricks - promise. 😉

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CMO Summit

When: November 3rd

Where: Online

An event crammed with essential information for Chief Marketing Officers, the CMO Summit provides endless insights designed to help you mitigate uncertainty and strategize for growth.

Join experts from companies such as Gong and Redgate for a host of interactive sessions on how to become a data-driven CMO, how to apply a strategy for social change and diversity, improve your knowledge of innovation and marketing, and much more.

Check out the guest speakers and equip yourself with actionable advice and an array of awesome tools to support your professional practice in 2021.

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Product Marketing Summit, Sydney

When: November 3rd

Where: Sydney

Join us down under, where we'll be spreading the Product Marketing Alliance vibe in Sydney, Australia. 🇦🇺

We'll be joined by a bunch of product marketing buffs, from the likes of Dropbox, Xero, and Salesforce, each of whom will be sharing their pearls of wisdom with you.

With 40+ speakers lined up, you're in for a treat.

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Masters of Product Marketing

When: November 5th - 7th

Where: Online

Who better to learn from than the crème de la crème of product marketing? 🤷‍♂️

Introducing the Masters of Product Marketing, an ensemble of PMMs at the peak of their powers, sharing their knowledge with YOU.

Arm yourself with the power of product marketing, propel your prospects, and learn from a host of market leaders.

Information coming soon... 😉

Product Marketing Summit, Singapore

When: November 11th

Where: Singapore

With guests including Dell, Facebook, and Sage, we’re going above and beyond to deliver an APAC experience bigger than the Guoco Tower. 😎

We’ve covered everything you need to know, and then some, with presentations on customer engagement, best practices for GTM, the role of data in decision making, and much more.

We challenge you to leave this summit without some newfound knowledge in your pocket. 🤷‍♂️

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Product Marketing Summit, Chicago

Some might say it's particularly fitting this event's taking place the Windy City, 'cause the line-up we have up our sleeve's gonna blow you away. 😎

Introducing some of the companies making an appearance: Roll call... 🥁

Ambient Strategy, Fitbit, G2, Amazon, LinkedIn, RingCentral... we could go on, but we'll let you check out the goods yourself. 😏

An abundance of brands, under one roof, sharing copious knowledge - what more could you want?

It's gonna be epic.

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Product Marketing Summit, London

When: November 25th

Where: London

What can you do in a day? 🤔

Read a book? Learn to juggle? Start learning French?

Or, you could join an assembly of product marketing connoisseurs from established orgs such as Salesforce, Amazon, and booking.com and devour hours of handy tips and tricks to boost your career.

We know what we’d choose. 🤷‍♂️

Pop the book on the shelf, put the balls in the bin, and put your beret back in the draw because there’s a whole day of indispensable product marketing knowledge from leading names in the industry at your fingertips.

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Product Marketing Off-Piste

When: December 1st - 2nd

Where: Online

As winter begins, we’ll veer a little off the slope to bring you something truly different. 👀

Tuck into innovative ideas from product marketing visionaries from around the world.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, physical or SaaS, or part of a humble startup or multi-billion org, our diverse line-up features speakers to cater for you, irrespective of your background.

Keep your eyes peeled - we'll be releasing information about this event soon! 🙌

Product Marketing Summit, Toronto

When: December 2nd

Where: Toronto

The year may be drawing to a close, but we’ll show no signs of slowing down as we sail into the penultimate event of the calendar year.

Joining us in Toronto is an influx of product marketing virtuosos, from Product Marketing Managers to Vice Presidents of Product Marketing.

And as always, we’ve set the standards pretty high, with speakers from elite companies such as Shopify and Hootsuite.

Different summit. Different city. Same killer content.. 🔥

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Product Marketing Summit, New York

When: December 8th & 9th

Where: New York

“There’s nothing more magical than December in New York…”

But it isn’t Christmas celebrations and Times Square that’ve caught our attention. 👀

No siree - we’ve got our eyes firmly set on rounding off 2021 with a bang with our Product Marketing Summit.

With product marketers from Amazon, UberEats, IBM, SAP, and much more, our line-up is the embodiment of the perfect product marketing celebration to round off another awesome year.

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So, there you have it! A full breakdown of the best product marketing events for 2021.

And given we're a sucker for innovation, there's a fair chance we'll be adding even more events to what's already looking like a pretty healthy lineup.

We'll keep you posted. 👍

Written by:

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence is our Copywriter here at PMA who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and enthralled. He's always open to feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you!

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Top 20 product marketing events to attend in 2021