Win/loss analysis: fueling the product marketing engine [onDemand]

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Discover how to build, design, and execute a game-changing win/loss program and close more of that all-important pipeline. 💪

We all know that saying - You win some, you lose some.

The trick is to learn from both your wins and losses, so that you can win more of the ones that matter.

That’s where win/loss programs can help.

Catch the replay of this webinar as we break down everything product marketers need to know to establish, refine, and scale an effective win/loss program.

Key takeaways

🧠 How the best win/loss programs are ones that are thoughtfully designed and carefully executed.

✅ How effective win/loss programs go far beyond just sales performance measurement.

🔑 Why win/loss insights are a key component of advanced competitive intelligence and VoC programs.

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