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Win-loss analysis: the center of product marketing [OnDemand]

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While losing a sale can feel like a negative, taking a strategic approach to finding out why you lost it can reveal all sorts of insightful information. Spencer Dent, Co-Founder of Clozd, talks us through how product marketers are using win-loss analysis to drive impact and value for their organizations.

Spencer took a deep dive into how to successfully run a win-loss program, and drive change in your organization.

Catch the replay of this webinar to learn:

  • The value of win-loss for the product marketing function and the broader organization
  • The components of a holistic win-loss program
  • How to get started with your own win-loss program
  • Examples of how different companies approach win-loss based on their specific business


Spencer Dent, Founder at Clozd
Spencer Dent is the co-founder of premium win-loss services provider Clozd. He has extensive experience helping companies grow their revenues through global expansion, product line extension, and operational efficiency.

Prior to Clozd, Spencer worked at Qualtrics where he was instrumental in defining its growth strategy and scaling global sales and marketing operations.  Spencer also worked at Bain & Company, where he led projects that spanned Bain's strategy, salesforce effectiveness, go-to-market, customer experience, and performance improvement practices.

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Clozd is a leading provider of services & technology for win-loss analysis. We help uncover why you win or lose - so you can hone product strategy, refine messaging, enable sales, and win more.

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Win-loss analysis: the center of product marketing [OnDemand]