“You win some, you lose some”: Exploring the world of win/loss programs [eBook]

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Our eBook, "You win some, you lose some": Exploring the world of win/loss programs, focuses on the intricacies of an area that's vital for every product marketer to know: win/loss research.

Delivered in partnership with DoubleCheck Research, this eBook will propel your win/loss programs, help you make educated and strategic decisions, refine your sales training, and equip you with insights needed to deliver compelling customer journeys.

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✅ How to get started & define win/loss ownership
✅ Goals for your win/loss program
✅ A guide to designing win/loss programs
✅ Nine steps to a successful win/loss program
✅ Three strategies for getting (and keeping) stakeholder buy-in

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Take a peek at what you can expect

This eBook outlines five invaluable tips for a successful win-loss segment at your sales kickoff:

👀 Don’t only focus on your wins.
💬 Get feedback from people other than your reps.
📊 Include high-quality quantitative and qualitative data to see the whole picture.
👨‍💻 Provide analysis, not just data.
🌍 Stay global.

Why is this eBook vital to you?

You need to know when your product’s on point, and when you’re wide of the mark - this is where win/loss programs come into their own.

Effective win/loss programs demonstrate what your customers' love (and hate!), provide invaluable data to support your internal teams when building new features, and aid product development.

"You win some, you lose some": Exploring the world of win/loss programs is your quintessential guide to the A-Z of win/loss programs - it’s essential reading for every product marketer worth their salt.