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12 top customer experience and engagement tools for product marketers

You can have the best product on the shelf, but if you’re not speaking to prospects and customers with the right language, at the right time and on the right platform, there’s a good chance all your efforts will fall flat. These experience and engagement tools help you do all that and in most cases, once you’ve set them up, without lifting a finger.

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But for now, here's a dozen tools designed to improve customer experience and engagement for product marketers.


Braze connects humans with humans by taking the complication out of customer engagement and making user comms more conversational. When it comes to what it can do its breadth is pretty vast but here are just a handful of its key features:

  • Send personalized messages across various channels - like push, email and in-app
  • Develop lifecycle engagement strategies
  • Trigger messages based on a user’s location and context
  • Create, manage and optimize cross-channel campaigns and access integrated reports
  • Use the app’s data-based predictions to shape your next steps.

Website: braze.com

Cost: not available online.


From testing which headline works best and identifying funnel leaks using video recordings to push notifications and central data repositories, VWO’s product suite comes with lots of the tools needed to consolidate insights, test ideas and, ultimately, improve engagement.

Website: vwo.com



As the name suggests, Optimizely’s all about getting more out of your efforts. It facilitates experimentation and personalization from the same place and across both product and marketing teams. On top of that, you can test your ideas across controlled segments of your traffic and its Stats Engine takes the guesswork out of future offers, CTAs and copy, so you know what will and won’t work before you try it.

Website: optimizely.com

Cost: not available online.


Sprinklr pulls in what customers are saying on social media platforms, messaging channels, blogs, forums, news and review sites, and then converts all that unstructured intel into actionable insights (using AI) so you can deliver personalized marketing, proactive care and amazing experiences.

Website: sprinklr.com

Cost: not available online.

Our entire marketing team shares a calendar within Sprinklr that has campaigns, tasks, creative content and action items all in one place. For example, the product marketing team will create a campaign in Sprinklr for our fall product launch. This campaign will then be filled with tasks that relate to ensure the fall product launch is a success. Automated workflows kick off new tasks so that everyone stays on top of deadlines. So, once a blog for the product launch is written and uploaded to Sprinklr, a task will automatically be created for the web team to publish this blog.

Rachel Alvarez, Associate Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Sprinklr


Whether it’s an in-app message, email, SMS, push notification or otherwise, MoEngage helps you reach customers with the right message or recommendation at the right time. Better yet, with built-in flows, it simplifies the creation and deployment of consumer journeys, uses AI to remove guesswork, and lets you measure, iterate and optimize from one dashboard.

Website: moengage.com

Cost: not available online.


Iterable’s all about creating, executing and optimizing customer engagement campaigns. Just some of its features include:

  • Storage of 100s of demographic and custom event data fields per profile
  • Dynamic segmentation of subscribers for targeted campaigns
  • Triggering of personalized messaging and campaigns - email, SMS, in-app and more
  • Drag-and-drop your way to filter, delay and trigger workflow changes.

Website: iterable.com

Cost: not available online.

I’m yet to find the perfect marketing automation tool, but Iterable was very easy to get set up (we did it in two weeks), the technical documentation is great and the API is easy to use - our engineers were very happy. It also has good A/B testing capabilities, campaigns are easy to build and send, their workflows work well and it’s easy to add personalization to campaigns.

Loren Elia, Director of Product Marketing at HoneyBook


Leanplum has a track record of helping companies increase their revenue, retention and conversions. How does it do that? By creating relevant, personal and customer-first app and messaging experiences. Push notifications, email marketing, app UX, in-app messaging and App Inbox are just a handful of its capabilities.

Website: leanplum.com

Cost: not available online.


Without a click of code, Unbounce lets you drag-and-drop your way to conversion-lead landing pages. It comes with 100s of ready-made and customizable templates, integrates with your other marketing tools, publishes straight to your domain, facilitates dynamic text replacement so you can match visitors’ search intent, and helps people get there with quick-to-create pop-ups and sticky bars.

Website: unbounce.com



Leadpages makes building websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars and social ads easy for even beginners. It comes with built-in, real-time conversion guidance, tonnes of templates, drag-and-drop style builders, A/B split testing tools, and more.

Website: leadpages.net



Instapage helps you get the most out of your digital ads by optimizing people’s post-click landing page experiences. It does this by doing things like matching landing page copy to visitor-level data (like keywords and demographics), providing A/B and multivariate testing flexibility, and demonstrably converting more leads with customizable forms.

Website: instapage.com



Used by the likes of Lyft, Nike and Spotify, Contentful brings a better way to manage content by enabling developers and marketers to work simultaneously, resulting in faster digital product launches.

Developers have the freedom to use their preferred tools and frameworks and focus on building awesome pages, while marketers take complete control of testing, refining and publishing their content. Win-win.

Website: contentful.com



With no coding knowledge required, Wishpond bundles four marketing tools into one platform:

  • Landing pages,
  • Pop-ups and forms,
  • Contests and promos (like sweepstakes and photo competitions), and
  • Marketing automation.

Website: wishpond.com

Cost: the below prices are for their DIY packages and based on annual billing.

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Rebecca Lawson

Rebecca Lawson

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12 top customer experience and engagement tools for product marketers