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16 email marketing tools for product marketers

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Amidst the world of WhatsApp, TikTok, and social media platforms, you’d be easily forgiven for thinking email is a thing of the past. However, it’s very much alive and kicking.

That’s right - it was acceptable in the 80s, and you’ll be pleased to hear the likes of Gmail, Outlook, etc. are also acceptable now.

Despite the influx of platforms available to marketers, over half are remaining loyal to their retro roots and deploying email marketing in their plans (53%, to be exact), and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon.

To get the most out of email marketing, you need access to the best email marketing tools available to ensure you’re not investing your time, effort, (and money!) into a product or service that should be confined to the junk folder.

Here’s a selection of just some of the tools on the market you can use to elevate your email marketing, each of which have been approved by PMA.

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Whether you reach them by email, SMS or chat, Sendinblue revitalizes your customers’ journey by automating the segmentation and marketing message processes and improving the design, deliverability and engagement of transactional comms.

In addition, it lets you create dedicated landing pages, custom forms, Facebook ads and retargeting campaigns from within the app.

Website: sendinblue.com



Part of Salesforce, Pardot sells all the tools needed to create, deploy and manage online marketing campaigns - automatically. Its solutions streamlines lead management, smartens up lead gen, makes email marketing effortless, aligns marketing and sales, matches revenue against activity, and uses AI to ensure the right contacts are being approached at the right time.

Website: pardot.com

Cost: Pricing is based on annual billing

Campaign Monitor

Start to finish solutions to get impactful email campaigns out of the door. Campaign Monitor comes with 100s of templates (including things like countdown timers), lets you create personalized automation journeys and enables data segmentation.

If you’re looking to build your base you can also grow your audience with signup forms and if you’re after ways to improve, its analytics suite gives an aggregate overview of your performance and drills into your data on a geographic, engagement and acquisition level.

Website: campaignmonitor.com

Cost: The price will depend on how many people you’re emailing but based on 5,000 you’re looking at:


With VerticalResponse, you can create branded emails in a matter of minutes, automate campaign sends, build landing pages from scratch or using templates (without code), analyse results by things like open rate, clicks, device and location, and design and send feedback surveys.

Website: verticalresponse.com



Pre-designed marketing funnels (including emails, signup forms, webinars and sales pages), 150+ landing page templates, easy-to-build e-commerce stores, social media ads and automated campaigns are just some of the ways GetResponse helps organizations grow their audience and increase sales.

Website: getresponse.com



Drip helps you understand your market so you can make campaigns truly personal. First, it digs deep into the data with tags, custom fields and customer behavior, then, using that info, it creates segments, sets up behavior-based automation and sends out personalized content across multiple channels.

Website: drip.com

Cost: $49


Marketo’s an Adobe company and comes with three offerings:

Marketo Engage. Brings marketing and sales together to create personal experiences, custom content, and track performance through every stage of complex buyer journeys.

Bizible. Delves deeper than just clicks and leads to create accurate and actionable pictures into what is and isn’t working, as well as the impact on your bottom line.

Adobe Experience Cloud. End-to-end customer experience management for marketing, advertising, analytics and e-commerce.

Website: marketo.com

Cost: Varies depending on database size


Packed with automation, lead and campaign management tools, Eloqua helps marketers reach the right people, at the right time, all the while returning real-time reports and insights to shape future iterations. Their hallmark? They come with a network of 500+ partners representing 700+ integrations.

Website: oracle.com

Cost: Not available online


With Newsweaver, you can create interactive newsletters, personalize your content (beyond the recipient’s name), measure key metrics (like engagement and heatmaps), define segmentation criteria so lists are automatically built for you, and more.

Website: newsweaver.com

Cost: Not available online


In five words, Mailchimp’s about ‘marketing smarter and growing faster’. It gathers all your audience’s data in one place to lay the foundation for custom content creation.

Mailchimp provides design tools to help create show-stopping visuals to supplement your words. It simplifies the process of building, launching and measuring cross-channel campaigns.

Plus, it delivers real-time reports and personalized recommendations so your campaigns go from strength-to-strength.

Website: mailchimp.com



From educating new subscribers to asking promoters to review your product, with Autopilot, you can do it all with personalized messages and without lifting a finger.

Autipilot integrates with 100s of popular apps, ensures the right people are reached at the right time, and takes the manual element out of your day-to-day.

Website: autopilothq.com



Klaviyo provides the tools needed to listen, act and analyze what your customers are directly and indirectly telling you. Customization and personalization are at its core and it automatically segments your lists, dynamically transfers data to deliver consistent messages, and provides real-time analytics so you can report on and react to the metrics that matter most to you.

Website: klaviyo.com

Cost: It all depends on how many contacts you’ve got. Based on up to 6,000, you’d be looking at $130 a month.

“With Klaviyo we can collect email addresses from prospects and customers to subscribe for different types of communications like product and feature launches.
"Most recently we collected emails from those interested in learning more about our upcoming SMS feature and communicated with them in a relevant way based on that interest.”

Mike Greene, Product Marketing Manager at Klaviyo


ActiveCampaign’s a blend of email marketing, marketing automation and CRM tools. Just some of its features include scheduling emails, creating funnels, integrating trigger emails, splitting audience by segment, automating workflows, notifying, scoring, assigning and prioritizing leads, and multi-channel messaging (including on-site, SMS, Facebook and email).

Website: activecampaign.com

Cost: the pricing varies depending on how many contacts you have. To give you an idea, below are the costs for 2,500 contacts.


ConvertKit simplifies email marketing, it’s as simple as that. It starts by helping you grow your audience with embeddable forms and templated landing pages, follows with an easy email designer so you can deliver content that converts, automates your subscribers’ journey with events, actions and conditions, and lets you group subscribers with tags and segments.

Website: convertkit.com



In their own words, Platformly’s a “suite of tools for multi-channel marketing automation.” From link tracking and CRM management to behaviour-led opt-in forms and event-driven emails, it supports the process of lead capturing all the way through to customer advocacy.

Website: platform.ly

Cost: Pricing varies depending on how many contacts you have, which package you pick and whether or not you opt for any add-ons. Based on 10,000 contacts though, you’d be looking at:


Customer.io’s a platform for sending emails, push notifications and SMS’. It calculates specific segments (like personal attributes, what pages they see, and what they do in your product) in real-time, lets you drag-and-drop your way to an automated workflow, comes with three different editors to choose from, and syncs your Customer.io segments to your ad networks.

Website: customer.io


On the lookout for even more tools? Great news! We've a ton more up our sleeve for you to discover. Check out our product marketing tools directory.

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Lawrence Chapman

Lawrence Chapman

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16 email marketing tools for product marketers