This week on Product Marketing Insider, we're delighted to be joined by Su Simha, a marketing leader for 20 years, who has worked with companies like Microsoft and most recently as VP & Head of Product Marketing at Bombardier & Global Director of Product Marketing at N26.

We’re gonna be lifting the lid on her exciting product marketing journey so far, which skills she thinks are critical for product marketers, her top tips for product marketing newbies, and a whole lot more.


A little bit about Su

Su Simha is a highly-skilled and experience product marketer with an array of experience spread across a period of twenty years.

During her career, she's worked for Fortune 500, Startups and mid-size Enterprise Software, Transportation, Insurance & Fintech (BFSI), FMCG, and Consulting/ Services companies.

Su is passionate about looking at the big picture and helping companies develop or transform their brand, product, and go-to-market strategy to drive successful top-line growth and brand presence, irrespective of the competition or industry saturation.

She's worked and lived across the three continents of Asia, North America, and Europe with both global and local markets focus, helping companies scale, expand their footprint to international markets and advising startups on product-market fit, brand development, and growth-focused marketing strategies.

Key talking points

During our discussion, Su discusses:

  • Why she wanted to become a product marketer in the first place.
  • What she thinks aspiring product marketers need to do to get a foothold in an increasingly competitive industry.
  • What compelling product messaging looks like.
  • Challenges faced in her career - and how she overcame them.

Plus much, more more...

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