2020’s Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers


Last year, our continued quest to place product marketers on a pedestal yielded the Top 50 Product Marketing Influencers report.

This year, we’re taking things one step further. Raising our game. Upping the ante. 🔥

How? We’ve doubled the number of influencers on our list - that’s right, 100 product marketing influencers from all walks of product marketing life in one place.

We’ve crammed pages with killer content on:

  • Their respective roles
  • PMM predictions for 2021
  • What they think a top-quality PMM looks like
  • Acknowledgments from peers

Discover a stellar list brimming with product marketing expertise and explore a collection of PMMs from the likes of Google, Facebook, TikTok.

Who’s inspired you?

2020’s list contains 100 kick-ass product marketers who are continuing to inspire others every minute, of every day.

But we’re not blinkered - we know there are plenty more we don’t even know about.

Nominate a product marketer who inspires you for 2021’s shortlisting process - who knows, in 12-months time, we might even top the 200 mark. 😉

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