At the time of this presentation, Jon was the Head of Global Customer Advocacy at Sage. He is now the Senior Manager of Customer Advocacy at Scandit. You can catch up on our other presentations using our OnDemand service.

My name is Jon Ashley, and I am the Head of Global Customer Advocacy at the accountancy software firm Sage.  In this article, I want to share with you some insights into the world of customer advocacy. I’ll also be sharing my five top tips for scaling your advocacy program.

Wherever you are in your advocacy-led initiatives, I hope that in this article, there'll be something for everyone to take away.

We're going to cover three main topics:

Let’s dive in!

The shifting challenge that sales or marketing face

A woman looking thoughtful and the words "Empowered", "peer driven", "sceptical" and "cautious" pointed at her.

I'll be honest, it's tough out there. From a selling perspective, there’s been a real balance shift over the last ten years that’s really empowered the buyer to be able to make decisions without the need to consume traditional marketing content.

It's harder than ever to get a message into the hands of buyers. Buyers are more likely to listen to the opinions of colleagues, friends, and family. And they really treat anything that marketing says or does with a certain degree of skepticism- they’re more cautious than ever before, and for good reason.