In this episode of Into the Fray: The Competitive Intelligence Podcast, Erik Mansur, VP of Product Marketing at Crayon, welcomes Holly Jackson, Head of Competitive Intelligence at Talkdesk for a discussion on how PMMs can build credibility as the owner of a competitive intelligence program.


A little bit about Holly

Holly Jackson is the Head of Competitive Intelligence at Talkdesk.

A competitive intelligence expert, Holly has a passion for using data to uncover competitive insights and strategic advantages.

Before joining Talkdesk in 2020, Holly specialized in CI at AI company Genesys and Chicago-based accounting org Crowe.

Key talking points

  • Where to start the process of building your own internal credibility.
  • Key department(s) to win over your way of thinking about CI.
  • The departments that can take longer to “believe the hype” surrounding a CI program.
  • Whether building “authority” around a CI program means that it has to be respected all the way up into the C-suite.
  • The importance of seeking out “influencers” within your organization when building your program’s credibility.

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