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Category creation


Thursday, September 16

Time: 8am PT | 11am ET | 5pm BST

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The decision to launch a new brand category is far from an easy one. Formulating your new strategy must consider factors like competition, messaging, production, market forces, and, of course, timing.

This talk will unpack some intuitive approaches for launching your new product categories and crucial tips to consider.

Join this PMMnow session as we cover:

✅ How category launches differ compared to product launches
✅ The importance of the name of a new category
✅ The indicators that signal category creation is viable
✅ Why the failure rate of fast followers is so much lower than first movers

About the speakers

Sheena Badani is the Senior Director of Marketing at Gong. She's an experienced marketing and business development leader with a demonstrated history of success working at high-growth technology companies including LinkedIn, MongoDB, and Gong. At Gong, she is responsible for designing and evangelizing the revenue intelligence category. She is also the host of Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast where she interviews revenue leaders.

Stuart Shingler is the Director of Product Marketing at Tink, Europe's leading open banking platform. Combining an education in Product Design with 15+ years experience in Marketing, he has a keen eye for innovation and strategy. Before joining Tink, Stuart spent four years at Klarna, establishing and leading Product Marketing at Europe's most valuable fintech.

Cody Bernard is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Drift

Tamara Grominsky is the VP of Strategic Growth at Unbounce. She helps build product marketing and growth teams that drive go-to-market strategy and revenue acceleration, often by identifying their winning segments, pricing model and marketing strategy. Over the past two years, she has built the Strategic Growth department at Unbounce from the ground up. The team is formed around product marketing principles and is a strategic enabler for the entire company.

Lisa Kant is the VP of Product Marketing at Zendesk

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Product Marketing Alliance

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