Thursday, September 23
Time: 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm GMT

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What does it mean to be a PMM? What is most critical, not only to drive product adoption but a broader categorical shift in consumer behavior, all while maintaining your leadership position?

Ali Wiezbowski, Director of Global Product Marketing at Peloton, is giving us all the answers, as she shares what she's learned from her time paving the growth of her company and its products in her live talk, Category Shifting Product Marketing.

Join this PMMnow session as we cover:

✅ Define category-creating & leading products
✅ What to expect as a PMM
✅ 3 tips for breakthrough product marketing

About the speaker

Ali Wiezbowski is Director of Global Product Marketing at Peloton, overseeing product marketing for the Peloton bike and portfolio marketing efforts. Her team is responsible for customer acquisition, member engagement, and paving the way for Peloton’s future growth. Previous to Peloton, Ali served as Uber’s Global Head of Product Marketing, Driver Engagement.

Watch OnDemand

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could line our customers up, throw on a pair of magic goggles, and read all of their minds? Imagine the insights you could collect to influence your entire product marketing strategy!

Well, we might not have magic but we do have a Consumer Psychology Certified course to help you… which is pretty much the same thing. 😏

Led by Alex Chahin, Senior Director of Product Marketing at hims & hers, you’ll learn how to tap into consumer psychology and reap the rewards of applying knowledge around behavioral economics to your product marketing strategies.

By the end of this course you'll:

✅ Have a definition of consumer psychology in marketing and how advertising affects consumer behavior.

✅ Better understand how to group pain and gain points.

✅ Understand how personal factors and individual differences affect people's buying choices.

✅ Be able to identify what your customer’s default action is.

And much more...

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