This week on Product Marketing Life we’re joined by Chad Meirose, Product Marketing, Core User Engagement at Clever Inc.

Chad's experiences in the Education sector are focused primarily grounded in classroom teaching, non-profit program management, and marketing strategy.


A little bit about the guest

Chad is a B2C/B2B Product Marketer with expertise in Customer Engagement.

A former educator, Chad's passionate about student access to quality education and enjoys empowering teachers to deliver quality instruction and content.

In his role at Clever, Chad is responsible for developing the product market vision, strategy, and programs to help teachers, school tech leads, districts, and families create the best learning experience for students.

Key talking points

  • The nature of product marketing in the edTech space,
  • Research tips and tricks.
  • How to stay relevant - without sounding cliché.
  • Working cross-functionally with teams, handling teams that are related, but different.

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