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Customer Marketing Excellence Award - shortlisted nominees

Customer Marketing

The nominations are in and the shortlist has been decided so without any further ado, let us introduce to you the fabulous marketers who have been shortlisted for our 2021 Customer Marketing Excellence Award. 🥳

Don't forget, the winner will be announced at our virtual Customer Marketing Summit on April 14th!

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Andrew Sevillia

Director, Customer Marketing at Sage Intacct

🌟 Shortlisted for:

  • Building the customer marketing function from the ground up and supporting every aspect of the business from the C-suite down.
  • Delivering high quality voice of the customer assets and peer reviews, including deploying new strategies to drive hundreds of new peer reviews during the virtual customer conference.
  • Driving Sage Intacct's PR and AR functions, and supporting all aspects of demand generation.
  • Moving Sage Intacct's position on the Gartner Magic Quadrant up and to the right.
  • Increasing the number of active customer advocates to Sage Intacct's Influitive advocates hub.

Kalina Bryant

Head of Customer Advocacy at Asana

🌟 Shortlisted for:

  • Building a world-class community and customer advisory board in her previous role at Anaplan and experiencing Anaplan's successful IPO.
  • Designing customer marketing programs at unicorn startups and launching strategic customer advisory boards.
  • Taking on a strategic leadership role at Asana, building out a strong team and scalable customer advocacy programs to drive more profound relationships with senior executives in the enterprise and strategic sector.
  • Designing a methodology to increase and expand customer deals, reduce churn, and  amplify the customer's voice.

Kalina also finds time to ensure she creates an inclusive space for all women to thrive in the tech industry, making it her duty to ensure women receive equal pay, and receive the promotions they deserve. As an African American Leader in the customer marketing and advocacy space, she ensures people from diverse backgrounds have an opportunity to thrive in the tech and SaaS industry.

Patricia Bautista

Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Gong

🌟 Shortlisted for:

We'll let just a few of Patricia's colleagues answer this one...

"Trish is an incredible PMM. She is always going above and beyond for the customer, the team, and really anyone at our company. We've worked on several customer stories and case studies and she goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is comfortable and feels special along the process. She creates many raving fans - even going above and beyond to send a little thank you treat for their time and effort. She is the definition of a SUPERSTAR!" - Marie Callahan, CSM.

"Patricia is doing a phenomenal job at owning our customer marketing programs: from netting us 1000s of reviews and G2 awards, to her thoughtful customer panels, and seemingly endless stream of case studies." - Julien Sauvage, VP Product Marketing.

"Trish is a rockstar who has singlehandedly led our customer marketing program across events, webinars, campaigns, and even one-off custom gifts/touches to help Gong live by its "create raving fans" motto. She's done this without skipping a beat while the company has doubled in size and doubled our customer base." - Red Reddy, CSM.

Zendesk's Customer Marketing team

🌟 Shortlisted for:

Being a small, but very powerful team of three, bringing their own expertise, which ranges from building, maintaining, and growing global customer marketing programs to designing and implementing a content strategy that supports campaigns, sales, prospects, and customers. Providing customer proof points for hundreds of opportunities with analysts, investors, prospects, and beyond, including close to 100 pieces of content a year.

Over the last 12 months, the team has launched a new global customer community program: Zendesk Luminaries, which now boasts over 3,000 customers.  They've decentralized content creation across 6+ internal teams and enabled those teams to create content that adheres to our brand-guidelines, and launched a number of new content formats.

"The team puts maintaining great relationships with customers at the heart of everything they do, rooting for their Lumniaries (advocates) to succeed.  This true partnership is a unique hallmark to the Zendesk approach. It’s never about winning or scoring or leverage, it’s about being helpful. Through this, they empower and amplify people who are bringing better relationships to the business world." - Valeria Gomez, Senior Marketing Manager, Customer Marketing, Zendesk

Livia Lima

Coordinator, Customer Marketing at RD Station

🌟 Shortlisted for:

  • Jumping into the world of customer marketing and in less than 2 years, building a team with fantastic impact for the business in multiple key areas.
  • Creating a referral program based on internal and external referrals (employees referring and customers referring) that now account for 5% of new monthly sales and 6-7% of NMRR.
  • Livia and the team created a multi-faceted program within the company event - the largest digital marketing event in Latin America - that included an exclusive customer room, experiences, working sessions, mentorship programs, LinkedIn booth and more, engaging >70% of customer attendees and receiving an average evaluation score of 4.7 from customers.
  • Being the pioneering company in customer reviews in Brazil, literally breaking both local platforms due to the high volume of reviews. On those platforms and G2, Livia's team has generated >2000 reviews in less than 2 years for 2 products, positioning the company as leader in every category it plays in.

Livia is also "an absolute pleasure to work with" - Zachary Fox, Senior Director, Product + Customer Marketing, RD Station.

Patrick Kalie

Customer Marketing Manager at Quorum

🌟 Shortlisted for:

Customer marketing managers wear several hats: demand generation, customer success, product marketing, community management, content creation, and so much more. Patrick has bridged all these functions together to create an exceptional customer experience and was crucial in pivoting to 100% digital environment. Bringing a humanness that is often missing in B2B marketing.  

"So much of what public affairs professionals do happens in person and COVID-19 changed our clients lives in a dramatic way. It also changed our team's way of doing work: we did most of our client interactions one on one and in person prior to the pandemic. Patrick quickly identified the ways in which our clients could use Quorum to help them adjust to the new environment.

"[...] In heavy times, Patrick's playful approach was a welcome break and the conversations he led helped our clients see a way forward. Over 15% of the overall user base and 75% of accounts attended a webinar. In addition, we had over 50% more interactions with our users compared to last year. Lastly, we exceeded our expansion/up-sell goal by ~25%." - Jess Forrester, VP of Marketing, Quorum.

Motorola Mobility Product Marketing team

🌟 Shortlisted for:

In a year that changed how everyone works and interacts, the team led more than 30 new global product introductions, all virtually. Kicking off the year by bringing a mobile icon back to the industry with the Motorola Razr, resulting in an unprecedented amount of media coverage and interest in the industry with a very limited investment. Simultaneously, preparing to launch a return to the flagship space with an unbelievable device in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

"When the pandemic hit, the team didn’t skip a beat, they immediately pivoted their launch strategy delivering a bold campaign and truly setting the benchmark for what the foreseeable future of tech announcements would look like." - Thomas Milner, Head of Global Product Marketing, Motorola Mobility

In 2020 the team launched two new Motorola Razr devices, bringing the icon back to the mobile space with the first flip smartphone in the industry. With the first launch resulting in an industry high 9.1B impressions, 42% brand Share of Voice (SOV), over 100m global YouTube views of campaign video; the second launch resulted in 5.8B impressions, 18% brand SOV. Most recently, this March, the team announced the moto g100 with the new mobile desktop platform “Ready For” to industry leading results once more with a global SOV at 31% and 1.1b launch day impressions. All this during a time of great uncertainty this resilient team also helped drive Motorola’s most profitable 3rd quarter in nearly a decade.

Nicole Russell

Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Cox Automotive

🌟 Shortlisted for:

  • Making great strides for Cox Automotive's Vehicle Information (VI) products this year.
  • Creating an integrated strategy to communicate to clients for the first time in years around why the VI products and enhancements help drive confidence in digital buying.
  • This year, the business shifted to 100% digital overnight, and this message was critical to helping them feel supported and confident in our tools to help them do business digitally with Cox Automotive / Manheim.
  • Prior to this year, Cox Automotive had shied away from actively promoting VI (especially on social media). However, Nicole's campaign staked their ground, told clients they were Answering the Call to be more open around Vehicle Information, and went to great lengths to explain the benefits of the offering to customers.

"Nicole is an all around Product Marketing all-star. She's a valued team member, always focused on the big goals for the company and team, and this campaign is the perfect example of that. She is admired and respected by partners, peers and leaders - and deserves the recognition for awesome work in a challenging year." - Shari Diamond, Product Marketing Lead, Cox Automotive.

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Written by:

Stephanie Whalley

Stephanie Whalley

Steph is Senior Copywriter here at PMA and you can usually find her crafting content, writing words and sniffing out typos (or making a cup of tea!)

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