In this episode of Product Marketing Insider, host Lawrence Chapman is joined by accomplished leader Sudha Ranganathan, Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn.

A little bit about Sudha

Sudha has 15+ years of experience in marketing organizations, starting as a Market Researcher and eventually transitioning into a Marketing roles. Her experience spans industries, having previously worked at P&G, Nielsen, and PayPal.

She currently leads the Global Verticals and North America Product Marketing team for the LinkedIn Talent Solutions business. Prior to that, she worked on the Integrated Marketing team across Brand and Content marketing.

Sudha's experiences in the talent industry and as a people manager have solidified her interest in developing employees to perform at their highest potential.

Beyond her role as a marketing leader, she also gets to live this value by volunteering with the Learning and Development team at LinkedIn, facilitating workshops and hosting some incredible guests at our Wisdom Speaker Series.

Sudha's a trained CTI coach and has recently completed the InnerMBA program from NYU.

Key talking points

She gives her insights on a range of topics, including:

  • What an effective product marketing leader looks like.
  • Advice for leading teams in times of adversity.
  • The most important leadership traits when establishing high-performing, cohesive teams.
  • How her leadership has developed during her career.
  • Her biggest product marketing success story.
  • Key questions product marketers can ask themselves to gauge an understanding of how customer-centric their organization is.

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