In this episode, host Mark Assini is joined by Aubrey Chapnick, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Q4, a leading capital markets communications platform.

Aubrey’s path to product marketing is highly unconventional. He initially wanted to join the military to become an F-18 fighter pilot but ended up going in a very different direction.

Introducing Aubrey Chapnick

Aubrey has done a lot of different things in his career, so far. These include sales, management consulting, investment banking, equity research, HR, product, strategy, writing for the Globe and Mail, personal finance websites and even working as a catering chef before landing in product marketing.

Today, Aubrey leads product marketing for Q4’s growth products and is obsessed with helping Investor Relations professionals win in capital markets.

Key discussion points

During this chat, Aubrey dives into his path from no formal product marketing experience to Senior Product Marketing Manager in under a year.

He also shares how he used unconventional experiences to his advantage when transitioning careers and trying to grow rapidly.