In this episode of Product Marketing Insider, Lawrence Chapman is joined by Robbie Ware, Product Marketing Consultant, Platform Partnerships at TransUnion.

Fresh off his first year as a PMM, Robbie discusses his transition into the industry, and what he's done to settle into his role having previously worked in digital marketing.

Introducing Robbie Ware

Robbie Ware is a product marketing professional with experience leading and executing global Go-to-Market strategies, working with key stakeholders across both the internal matrix and partner organizations including Sales and Customer Success to gather customer insights, messaging feedback and insights into the level of effectiveness.

Formerly a Marketing Manager with six years of experience leading digital B2B marketing strategies, Robbie has two years of experience designing and implementing user-centred application enhancements for 550 monthly average users.

Key talking points

In this must-listen episode, Robbie discusses:

  • The nuances of working with partners, and how his role differs from a conventional product marketing position.
  • Transferable skills he's taken from the world of digital marketing and applied to his product marketing position.
  • Ingredients for a successful GTM campaign.
  • How product marketers can establish their product as the MVP in its respective field.
  • Effective ways to secure the support of key stakeholders when planning and executing a GTM plan.
  • Golden pieces of advice for product marketers launching products on a global scale, and how such launches differ from domestic, low-key campaigns.