To help you boost your credentials, we’ve popped open our PMM pantry, and cooked up a red-hot Persona Certified course with a batch of our sweetest ingredients:

👩‍🏫 8 modules,
✅ 57 exam questions,
📔 11 templates,
📄 5 coursework tasks,
⏰ 7+ hours of content,
📹 2-hours of bonus footage featuring the likes of IBM
Real life case studies

And a sprinkling of certification, for good measure. 🏅

The icing on the cake? You’ll have access to content for life. So, if you wanna refresh your memory in a month, a year, a decade from now, it’ll be there waiting for you.

Why should you take part?

Simple answer? Why not?

Getting Persona Certified will not only help you create, build, and deliver awesome personas, you’ll also help your colleagues by streamlining the process - it’s the ideal way to enhance standards and facilitate success.

Not entirely sure when and where personas should be used? No drama. By the time you finish the course (and pick up your awesome certification 😎), you’ll be in the perfect position to provide crystal clear use cases to key stakeholders.

Who’s built the course?

It’s built by us, alongside product marketers from companies like G2, IBM, and Freshworks (to name a few 😉). Persona Certified offers a thorough insight into the key components needed to elevate the standards of both you, your product, and your colleagues - the ideal way to help you perfect your personas.

It’s the bee’s-knees. The business. The real deal.

Who’s been there, done it, and got the persona t-shirt?

Think we’re just blowing our own trumpet? Igor Kranjcec, Product Marketing Lead at Lemax, is now Persona Certified, and he’s been singing from the rooftops, ever since. 🎉

“One word. WOW!!!! And I mean WOW! I wish I had this when I built personas the first and second time. It would shorten the cycle of making them by weeks. Months.”

A pretty satisfied PMM, if we may say so. 😏 After all, not only do PMMs get an official persona certification if they pass their exams, they also gain lifetime access to real-life case studies and over 2-hours of bonus footage featuring the likes of IBM. 🔥

So, what can you expect from the course?

A glimpse into the curriculum

Sign up for our Persona Certified course and brace yourself for a wealth of PMM content spread across 8 thorough modules.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive round-up of persona topics. 🤷‍♂️

Think we’re bluffin’? Take a peek at a selection of areas within module. 👇


👀 What are the differences between buyer and user personas?
👀 Why are personas so important?
👀 What are negative personas?

Personal use cases

👩‍🏫 Sales use cases
👩‍🏫 Marketing use cases
👩‍🏫 Customer success use cases

The persona pre-work

🤷‍♂️ Who should be involved in the persona process?
🤷‍♂️ How to determine how many personas you need
🤷‍♂️ How many interviews do you need to conduct?

Persona interview guide

❓ Picking the right questions
❓ How to conduct your interviews
❓ Who should conduct the interviews?

Data consolidation

📊 Identifying trends
📊 How many personas do you need?
📊 Quantified buyer personas

Persona templates

🔖 B2B and B2C persona templates
🔖 Naming your personas
🔖 Validating your personas


📣 Sharing your personas across the org

Reviewing your personas

🤔 Measuring the success of your personas
🤔 How often should you review your personas?
🤔 How to review your personas.

A mere snippet of what’s waiting for you when you seal your spot.

Which templates are included?

Personas aren’t a piece of cake, and if you get them wrong, it can be seriously detrimental for you and your team.

But you needn’t worry; sign up for Personas Certified and get 11 persona templates, each of which has been vetted and tested by product marketing professionals.

Feast your eyes on the templates that’ll make your life a whole lot easier:

🔖 B2B question master list
🔖 B2C question master list
🔖 B2B buyer persona example
🔖 B2B buyer persona template
🔖 B2B user persona example
🔖 B2B user persona template
🔖 B2C buyer persona example
🔖 B2C buyer persona template
🔖 Interview invite templates
🔖 Data consolidation template
🔖 Jobs-to-be-Done canvas

Not bad, right? 😏

Get your hands on them right here, right now. And remember, each and every one will be yours - for keeps.

A word from the experts

Still in two minds as to whether personas are really that important?

Personas are the glue that holds so many pieces of the PMM puzzle together, as Louise Dunne, Product Marketing Manager at Linnworks will testify.

"It’s essential for product marketing to own persona development - knowing personas and their pain points drives everything from targeted messaging to tailored sales enablement and understanding the voice of the customer. This course is essential for any product marketer creating personas for the first time, as well as for those refreshing and validating existing personas as the course contains a blend of theory, practical advice and best practice tips."

Told you so. 🤷‍♂️

So, without further ado, let’s catapult your personas to the next level. 🚀

Get Persona Certified