Get the message: Your ticket to compelling product messaging

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The latest addition to your eBook library, ‘Get the message: Your ticket to compelling product messaging’, focuses on a skill you and every product marketer has to master: product messaging.

This resource will help you fine-tune your product messaging, communicate the value of your brand to your customers and wider marketplace, and effectively convey your value proposition.

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✅ How to create product messaging
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✅ Layering and reviewing your messaging
✅ Working effectively with copywriters
✅ How to update your product messaging

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A taste of what’s in store

Get the message: Your ticket to compelling product messaging is jam-packed with a stream of insights that’ll propel your product messaging.

Here are three tips for working cross-collaboratively to ensure cohesiveness in your messaging when bringing a product to market.

1) Collaborate

Product marketers work hard, but they can’t create all of their work in a silo. Collaborating across your organization can ensure your messaging is used within the produced content.

If you work hard to provide your colleagues with key messaging, positioning, and training, you’ll see great success in product content.

2) Set realistic expectations

When you’re launching a new product or feature, you need to provide your stakeholders with the information to effectively create content that supports your messaging.

Set expectations for how these interactions will play out. Some key variables to consider are:

  • Timelines: How far in advance will you provide messaging to your teammates?
  • Deliverables: What deliverables do you need to create for your teammates?
  • Reviews: What does the review process look like? At what stage do you want to review the content that’s being shared with the market?

3) Keep an open flow of communication

Messaging is dynamic. When new features, capabilities, or enhancements are added to your product, you’ll likely need a messaging refresh.

When your messaging changes, you need to keep your organization in the loop so that they continue to share the most up-to-date and accurate information within their own content.

If you build strong messaging assets, keep communication open, and collaborate with your teammates, you can ensure your messaging will be utilized within content, and you’ll be able to go to market successfully.

Why is this eBook important to you?

92.6% of respondents in your State of Product Marketing Report 2022 identified messaging and positioning as a core responsibility in the product marketing role - it’s an area product marketers simply have to learn with precision.

If you don’t communicate your value proposition effectively, convey your benefits, and demonstrate you’re able to meet your customer’s needs, prospective customers will seek an alternative elsewhere in the market, and our product won’t perform to its optimum potential.

‘Get the message: Your ticket to compelling product messaging’ is exactly what it says on the tin - it’s your golden ticket to tips and tricks that’ll help you and your team create messaging that’ll resonate with your audience.